Webinar: Role Modelling Vulnerability

Do you want to find out more about role modelling vulnerability to help you be a better leader, be part of a stronger team or to be more resilient?

Well my friend, you are in luck! I hosted a webinar and this is exactly what I talked about.

It was through the brilliant BrightTALK network and you just need to register once (for free) and then all the amazing talks on it are available (also for free).

I did have to fight off all of my imposter syndrome in order to say yes to this! But it was worth it, as here is some of the lovely feedback I received afterwards:

This was INCREDIBLE! I am working with my team to be vulnerable and am role modeling it as well. I have to remember it wont happen over night
I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation. I know these things and it definitely helps to hear again. My struggle is with very tenured employees not ready to live in this vulnerable world. Day by day, with the help of other team members, we are trying to bring them along. Thanks Kate!
thanks! this all goes for men as well as women. I like the key take aways which are challenging, but reachable. step by step.
Thank you for two nice key take aways: “change is not comfortable”and the very strong question: “When did you last feel vulnerable”