Coaching individuals and teams to do what they thought impossible, and maybe a bit magical...


/ˈmadʒɪk(ə)l/   adjective

Beautiful or delightful in a way that seems removed from everyday life.

synonyms: extraordinary, remarkable, exceptional, outstanding, incredible, phenomenal, unbelievable, inconceivable, unimaginable, amazing, astonishing, astounding, stunning, staggering, marvellous, magnificent, wonderful, sensational, breathtaking, miraculous, singular, uncommon, unheard of, unique, unparalleled, unprecedented, unusual, unusually good, too good to be true, superlative, prodigious, surpassing, rare

What do I do?

I absolutely love what I do, as I help people to break down their barriers, feel more confident and unlock amazing things that they didn't think were possible for them to achieve. I create safe, fun and encouraging space to be really heard and to be stretched.

I can help you understand and explore what resilience means, why it is important and how you can better support your own or your team's resilience long after we've finished working together. Change and set-backs happen all of the time to everyone, in our lives, our work, the world! We can't stop it happening. So what would happen if you can accept and embrace that?

I also support teams and organisations through coaching, workshops and/or consultancy in these areas: 

  • Making great teams greater: enhancing the brilliance of your team(s)

  • Improving ways of working: inc. getting creative juices flowing / Agile & Lean values & principles

I get particularly excited when talking about the power of vulnerability and when I can work with empowering people to be positive role models in areas where there may not be so many already visible.

If you would like any more information or you want to start to do what you thought impossible, and maybe a bit magical, I would love to hear from you. Please email me at


With a promotion at work, a mortgage, an awesome boyfriend and friends with young families, in 2018 it occurred to me that opportunities to take such a substantial amount of time for myself was running out. I spent a while working with a wonderful coach Kate Rees to weigh up options, decide on my direction and support me through some painful decisions and conversations ... I’ll just say it was an enlightening and empowering 3 months that launched me on my way. And with that seed planted over 4 years ago, to the whirlwind of the last 9 month, I’m going to walk start walking the Pacific Crest Trail in May 2019.
— Lynda Gale

Who is this for?


  • You want to be your best self in life and work

  • You feel you have the potential to be an inspiring positive role model but are being held back, or are holding yourself back

  • You want to embrace vulnerability as a strength

  • And are passionate about making positive changes


Teams (and companies)

  • You know you can achieve more with your team

  • You want to enjoy doing your best work

  • And enable others to do the same

  • You are happy to embrace uncertainty

  • And are passionate about making positive changes

I had resigned myself to, and maybe even convinced myself that it was ok to feel, dissatisfaction with both my professional life and personal life but I came away from our meeting feeling excited about the work we were going to do together.
Over the next few sessions, Kate helped me pinpoint a few (incorrect) self-beliefs that were holding me back from doing something exciting and challenging, and gave me some practical tools that, once I was able to recognise my goals, made it feel achievable for me to start being more pro-active about improving my life. Changing career is a hard thing to do and it’s easy to feel like you’ve made a mistake taking the leap, but now I feel empowered and motivated to get on with it - and I know where I’m heading.

When you work with me you'll be doing things better immediately...


/ˈbɛtə/   adjective

More desirable, satisfactory, or effective.

synonyms: superior, finer, of higher quality, greater, in a different class, one step ahead; more acceptable, preferable, recommended; a cut above, streets ahead, head and shoulders above, ahead of the pack/field

Kate came to our project with one weeks notice; in those days before the project she worked quickly, intelligently, creatively and openly to pull together a challenging but well thought out deck. So far, so professional.
What you can’t put into a deck is the sensitivity and good humoured calm execution that she brought to the day. No ever believes exactly how much can be achieved in one day but really you can. It takes a very rare and precious skill that one of my colleagues best described as magic.
— Joel Bradley, Creative Director Sky Consumer Products

Who do I work with?

As well as working with individuals, I work with companies such as D&AD, SKY, YCN, Futurice, ustwo Games and Adaptive Lab, offering consultancy, team coaching and workshops.

I also work as a coach for the charity NABS, supporting individuals who come to them for support.

Working with Kate has been a very beneficial experience. From beginning to end, Kate created a space in which I felt safe to explore and this level of comfort and immediate trust was very special and fundamental to the work. We worked on a range of issues and Kate brought to the table a wide repertoire of tools and techniques. For me, one of the surprising parts was the mindset shifting activity that we did, which involved using a reflective process to emotionally work through some negative self beliefs. On some level, I think I had reservations about how effective or deep this kind of work could be, but it actually turned out to be one of the most challenging and therefore transformative parts of our coaching together. Kate is kind, joyful, non-judgemental and clear thinking. This is a wonderful combination of qualities that allow her to be incredibly effective in a coaching relationship. Thank you so much for your help.

What next?

The best coaching comes from the best coaching relationships.

It is so important that you that you find the right coach for you and that the relationship starts well and continues in the same way.

So, I offer everyone a Discovery session so you can experience for yourself what working with me feels like.

You will also start to understand and focus on what you thought was impossible, and maybe a bit magical, to achieve, for yourself, your team or organisation, and we will work out how I can support you to get there.

I'd love to hear from you so please email me at to arrange this.

Working with Kate was a great experience. She has a lovely, supportive and unobtrusive presence and really knows how to ask the right questions to get you deep under the surface of what you think you know about yourself. I felt my confidence has tremendously improved since our first session. I have gained so much more clarity about my personal and professional strengths and the direction in which I want my business to grow. I would really recommend her coaching to anyone.
— Ivana Demmel, founder Movement Kitchen

Who am I?


I am an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, a Resilience Engine® Accredited Practitioner and a Mental Health First Aider. My primary coaching training was with Barefoot Coaching and I have also trained with The Resilience Institute and Kaos Pilots’ Creative Leadership programme.

Prior to setting up my coaching practice, I was working with clients such as Barclays, Harvey Nichols, TfL, Google Deepmind and Ford as a team coach for ustwo London.

My work history has been full of variety: interior design, architecture, publishing, broadcasting, charities, marketing, advertising, digital and print design and most recently digital product development. I have always found a huge amount of joy and fulfilment from supporting people every day to do their best work, and seeing teams coming together. 

As an individual and team coach I can support people even more and help people change for the better, not just their working day, but their lives as a whole. I get such a buzz when this happens.

I recently did a webinar "Role modelling Vulnerability" for the BrightTalk, Women in Business community, which you can access here.

I’ve found the thing I love to do, that fulfils and excites me and where I am at my best. I probably wouldn't have discovered this without the amazing people who have coached me. I want to help you do the same!